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8 week Intensive Studio Lighting Course - COMPLETED!

Would you like to become completely confident with lighting in the studio? Then this course is for you!!

Course details:
Location: Platform3 Studio
Date: Starting Wednesday 4th October 2017 for 8 weeks
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Course fee: €175.00

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become TOTALLY PROFICIENT and CONFIDENT in a studio set up!!
After this course you should be completely confident to hire or set up a studio to shoot with a model, a friend, a client or your own family and make superb images!!

It will start with the basics - The studio, safety, an intro to the equipment and progress to everything you need to know about lighting in the studio - For Portraits, Groups, Fashion and Fine art.

THIS COURSE WILL BE VERY HANDS-ON WITH PARTICIPANTS SHOOTING A LOT - Most classes will consist of about 30mins intro to what the class will cover [the theory] and the remainder will be shooting to gain practical knowledge of how it works!

We will cover:
The Studio
Lighting equipment & Light modifiers
Cameras and light meters
Custom White Balance
Backgrounds and props
The principles, language and behaviour of light
Basic Rules of Portraiture
Fill light
Rembrandt lighting
Working with one light
Low Key
High Key
Open loop vs. Closed loop
Short lighting vs. Broad lighting
Three lights + for portrait
Creating Rapport with your Subject-Model
Directing and posing your Subject-Model
Lighting styles and studio set-ups

To book a place or for further info please contact Mike on 0868295039 or email us on

Portrait by Mike Brown